I’m a Federer fan but I don’t think that Federer is the best just yet. I know that he won the French and Sampras has not, but he did not beat Nadal.  Nadal is the best on clay in this era.  Sampras is undefeated at Wimbledon 7-0. Federer is 5 -1 at Wimbledon,  Nadal defeated him last year, which was the best men’s final EVER.

Sampras competition was tougher with the following #1’s:  Agassi, Becker, Courier, Lendl, and #2 Chang.  Federer’s toughest competition is Nadal.  Nadal leads Federder 13 – 7 in overall match play.  In Grand Slam play Nadal is up 5 -2.

It’s a ? if Nadal will defend his title in Wimbledon next month.  He will get him medical report on Wed.  It’s reported that’s more than his ongoing knee tendinitis.  So it look like Federer will be able to capture his 15th.

I wonder if Borg hadn’t retired at 26, if we would be having this debate.  He retired with 11 Slams, who know’s how many more he could have won.  He won his 11 Grand Slams with a great field also:  Ashe, Conners, Gerulatis, McEnroe, and Lendl.

Others say Rod Laver was the greatest, he won 11 Grand Slams.  He also won the Grand Slam TWICE.

Congrats Roger, I’m just not ready to give you the GOAT title just yet.