The Yankees let Johnny Damon goe after the parade, and brought in younger legs to roam the field for the 2010 season. Curtis Granderson hit 30 home runs last year, and is only 28yrs of age, and will bring a great addition to the out field for the Yankees this year. He’s had a world wind after season, including, visits to the white house, acquiring new eye contact lenses after finding out that he didn’t have 20/20  vision, accepting the Major League Baseball’s Marvin Miller Man of the Year award, and  donating his children’s book, “ALL YOU CAN BE”, to all of the elementary schools in the state of Michigan. The Yankees will be a better team with Granderson’s bat, speed, out field coverage, and his base stealing ability, and that in itself is a wake up call for their baseball rivalry, The  Boston Red Sox.  Granderson is due to make, $23.75 million thru the 2012 season, and has an option of $13,ooo,ooo.oo for the year, 2013.  Based on the salary of their star players, Curtis Granderson is a true bargain.