We’re not sure how this happened, not sure how they individually voted, and we don’t think that Oregon knows how they achieved such an elevation over the weekend, but the powers that be has selected Oregon, who  jumped undefeated Florida State and moved into second  in the College Football Playoff rankings while TCU took over the fourth spot Tuesday, as Mississippi State remained No. 1. The Florida State Seminoles (9-0) slipped to No. 3. The University of Oregon (9-1), who moved up after winning at Utah, which makes one wonder just how this committee of people would leap frog a team with a lost,  over last year’s National Champion, Florida State, who is currently still undefeated. Are they saying that Utah is a overnight perennial  power in college football? The Ducks have only  three wins against teams currently in the top 25 (Michigan State, UCLA, Utah), not the top ten, not in the top 15, so this move should be viewed as controversial by anyone that understands the game. Florida State has beaten two teams in the top 25 (Notre Dame and Clemson), but is the 2013 National Champion, and is also undefeated. Oregon has not won a 2013 championship and has one defeat. Committee chairman Jeff Long, the athletic director at Arkansas, said the panel had a long and hard discussion about the merits of the Ducks and Seminoles. “We looked beyond the record,” Long said. “The committee placed significant value on Oregon’s quality of wins.” The 12-person selection committee will chose the four playoff teams on Dec. 7.

Alabama (8-1) is No. 5 and should be ranked ahead of Oregon, Ohio State should be ranked ahead of Oregon,  Arizona State (8-1) is sixth and should be ranked ahead of Oregon, and both appear to be in good shape to secure a spot in the playoff if they can keep winning. Alabama hosts Mississippi State on Saturday. If Arizona State wins out, it would have to go through Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game. Baylor (8-1) moved to seventh, but is still behind Big 12 rival TCU (8-1), which lost to the Bears in Waco, Texas, by a field goal last month.

Auburn, which had been in the top four the first two weeks of the rankings, fell to No. 9 after losing to Texas A&M at home on Saturday, which was a drastic drop, being that they lost to a formwer top ten team this year that is currently a top 25 ranked team who will re-climb the top 25 AP RANKINGS, going forward.