The NBA has the momentum on it’s side, with the breaking news of the Michael Jordan acquisition of the Bobcats, the success of their all star weekend in Arlington Texas where the game broke all prior attendance records at the Jerry Jones Cowboy’s new stadium, and with the weekend of simply great basketball games, The Commissioner is having the ride f his life. Look for the NBA to pull out all of it’s tricks to get the fans involved in this years basketball playoffs, with high scoring games, better refereed games, and halftime shows that will knock your socks off. They’ve learned from the Almighty Jerry Jones Marketing Machine, that it takes everything you got,  to get the fans, advertisers, players, and owners reinvigorated about the game itself.

The Lakers and Kobe will bring out the West Coast.

Lebron and company will bring out the East, with the Celtics lurking.

The Mavericks Owner will pull out all stops to blow up attendance records in the South.

The Utah Jazz will try to be the team of the North West, and make a run for the championship.

Note: Watch out for the Portland Trailblazers, their a young and vibrant up and coming franchise that could make a huge statement in this years NBA title race.

Who will be there in the end?

Will it be The Lakers  VS  The Cavaliers?